Shatabdi Train Fares May Be Reduced For Short Trips

Shatabdi Train Fares May Be Reduced For Short Trips

Soon, you may have to pay less to travel on a Shatabdi train — but only for a short trip.

The Railways, with an eye to increase the occupancy in the last leg of the journey of a Shatabdi train, is considering a reduction in fare for that leg and has already put in place two pilot projects, according to an official of the Railways familiar with the projects.

On a trial basis, the Railways reduced the fare on the last legs of the Delhi-Ajmer and the Chennai-Mysuru routes.

“The fare between Jaipur and Ajmer was brought down at par with the road transport fare while the fare between Bengaluru and Mysuru was also reduced. In the Jaipur-Ajmer leg, the occupancy did not change but in Mysuru, there was a decent jump in traffic so the scheme has been continued there. There is no proposal to reduce the fare for the entire journey…” said the official.

A similar trial reduction has been started for the New Jalpaiguri-Malda leg of the Kolkata Shatabdi and Ahmedabad-Baroda leg of the Mumbai Shatabdi, added the official.

He also said a committee formed to review the flexi-fare scheme is likely to submit its report soon. Read More

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