Slow Policy Decisions Eclipsing Solar Projects

Slow Policy Decisions Eclipsing Solar Projects

A combination of slow decision-making at the Centre, and policy uncertainty by state governments has meant that the solar sector has taken its foot off the accelerator and is now much more cautious about the future, according to Rahul Mishra, CEO of Rays Future Energy.

While some of the Centre’s indecision can be ascribed to the fact that it is distracted by the run-up to the general elections, a large part of it cannot be explained away due to this, Mr. Mishra said.

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“Regarding the government, we are getting into election zone, and it’s very typical, even if you look earlier, the last few months before an election there is always a flux in decision making and things moving forward,” Mr. Mishra said in an interview. “To that extent, some of the government fatigue is explainable, but despite that there are a lot of things that could have been done that is lacking, especially on renewables. Things that could have easily been done, decision making is delayed.” Read more

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