Smart metering: Making India more energy efficient

Smart metering: Making India more energy efficient

There is an ambition that, by 2022, 70% of all homes in Asia will be connected via smart meters. World Bank estimates India’s energy efficiency potential alone at $11 billion. According to National Ujala Dashboard, nearly 316.2 million LED bulbs were distributed as of November 2018, which resulted in an annual cost savings of `16,435 crore and 3.32 million tonnes of CO2 reduction; a testimony to India’s immense potential in energy efficiency.

The power sector, as per a Deloitte report, is set to adopt and leverage such new age technologies to optimise overall efficiencies. Inclusion of smart metering investments in IPDS, UDAY, other schemes and mandates of Government of India are means to accelerate the pace of this adoption.

The many advantages associated with the use of smart meters—both from consumers and utility companies’ perspective—are drivers of their strong growth.  Read More


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