How Smart Villages Could Transform Rural India

How Smart Villages Could Transform Rural India

With the Smart Cities’ programme well underway, it was merely a question of time before the need for Smart Villages came on the radar, given the statistical predominance of the latter. As per data from Census 2011, 69 per cent of the nation’s population (around 833 million) resides in the rural region, while only 31 per cent (approx. 377 million) live in urban areas. If we are seeking to take the nation forward it will clearly have to involve the development of the rural area. If we are to move forward towards the goal of a developed nation, then smart villages will be a critical component of that milestone.

Today, the rural population is reeling under the impact of shrinking of employment and wealth generation opportunities. The return of city labourers to their native villages is just one manifestation of the temporary reverse migration. Against this backdrop, the creation of Smart Villages could address several challenges in one go. Smart Villages could open up not only employment avenues but also raise living standards in villages where infrastructure is palpably absent. This is a crucial aspect that could stem conventional migration from villages to cities, which is putting pressure on urban infrastructure and leaving a huge social impact. Read More…


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