Smarter Cities To Be Built Around Shared Mobility

Smarter Cities To Be Built Around Shared Mobility

With urbanisation and congestion on the rise, American car maker Ford Motor has started engaging with government bodies to identify traffic solutions and create smarter cities. Raj Rao, the chief executive of Ford Smart Mobility, says shared mobility will play an increasingly important role in the transformation towards better transport solutions. The automaker, he tells Sharmistha Mukherjee, plans to be a part of this journey to grow sustainably.


The vision behind the experiments Ford Smart Mobility is undertaking?

When you think about the city of tomorrow, the kind of expectations consumers have about what companies need to try out in that world is not limited to just being a vehicle manufacturer. They expect you to be a service innovator so that they have more reasons to buy a vehicle. I think all the work we have been doing through these experiments is learning about that aspiration. How people want to travel, how they want a relationship to evolve over time, what are they prepared to give up in terms of data so that you can be more responsive, how you respond to that cohesively at a city level… It’s a big challenge because with urbanisation, people are coming to cities at an unprecedented pace … if we don’t say we have the same aspiration of providing cities which are thriving ­ that attract growth, jobs, eliminate accidents, make journeys more predictable, dynamic ­ then we are going to create roadblocks to our success. Read More…

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