Solar Firms See Sunrise On Residential Rooftop

Solar Firms See Sunrise On Residential Rooftop

Even before the government has come out with policies and regulations to give rooftop solar a big push, major solar companies are looking to tap opportunity in the residential rooftop solar kit segment to grab a big chunk of the market.

Currently, the total installed capacity in rooftop solar segment – commercial, industrial, institutional and residential – is just 2 gigawatt (GW), way below government’s goal of 40 GW by 2022.

Trina Solar, a Chinese company and the second largest solar photovoltaic (PV) producers in the world, has already begun peddling its branded residential solar rooftop kits in the configuration of 3 kilowatt-single phase inverter, 5 kW-three phase inverter and 10 kW- three-phase inverter.

The company, which has already shipped over 3 GW of solar modules into India, has held back around $1-billion of its investment for setting up a solar module, cells, ingots and wafer manufacturing plant due to uncertainties relating to government policies. However, it has sniffed huge potential in the residential rooftop solar, which has lower risks and swifter return on investment (RoI). Read More

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