Solar Installers Press Homeowners To Buy Ahead Of Tariff

Solar Installers Press Homeowners To Buy Ahead Of Tariff

U.S. home solar companies, believing President Donald Trump will soon slap tariffs on imported panels and make their systems more expensive, are using that threat to juice their slowing sales.

Top independent installer Sunrun Inc and smaller rivals, many of which are part of an aggressive industry lobbying effort opposed to new tariffs on panels, are warning homeowners considering going solar to sign up before tariffs cause prices to rise.

On its web site, Sunrun warns visitors that panel prices could double in 2018, raising the cost of an average installation by $3,000.

“With the uncertainty of the upcoming tariffs on solar panels, there’s no better time to go solar with Sunrun,” the company’s web site says.

Smaller, local installers and solar advocates from California to Massachusetts are also raising the prospect of higher prices at sales consultations, in blog posts and at community events like farmer’s markets.

“We are really urging people not to wait until 2018,” said Craig Forman, who leads a pro-solar community group in Newton, Massachusetts, that refers interested residents to two local solar contractors. Read More…

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