Solar Power Capacity At Charanka Solar Park To Touch 790 MW

Solar Power Capacity At Charanka Solar Park To Touch 790 MW

Solar power generation capacity at Charanka Solar Park in Patan district, the first such project in the country, is soon expected to touch 790 MW. The generation capacity is at about 600 MW at present.

The Charanka Solar Park was inaugurated in 2012 by then Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It was home to about 250 MW capacity at the time, which has gone up by nearly 2.5 times since then.

“Installed capacity of 600 MW solar power has been commissioned by 31 developers in the Solar Park. GACL (Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited) is setting up 30 MW Solar PV plant, and GSFC (Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals) is in the process of setting up 10 MW project. Looking at the availability of land in the Park, we can go for further capacity addition of 150 MW. Thus total capacity of Gujarat Solar Park will be about 790 MW,” Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL), the project’s developer, said in its latest annual report.

It said that state government owned entities Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) and Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited (GIPCL) have shown interest in setting up the 150 MW projects. Read More

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