Soon, Fossil Fuel Technology That Does Not Pollute

Soon, Fossil Fuel Technology That Does Not Pollute

Scientists are developing a novel technology that may economically convert fossil fuels and biomass into useful products, including electricity, without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Engineers at The Ohio State University in the US devised a process that transforms shale gas into products such as methanol and gasoline – all while consuming carbon dioxide.

The process can also be applied to coal and biomass to produce useful products, researchers wrote in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.

Under certain conditions, the technology consumes all the carbon dioxide it produces plus additional carbon dioxide from an outside source, they said.

The researchers have also found a way to greatly extend the lifetime of the particles that enable the chemical reaction to transform coal or other fuels to electricity and useful products over a length of time that is useful for commercial operation. Read More…

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