Soon: Train collision avoidance system along tracks

Soon: Train collision avoidance system along tracks

Unmanned railway crossings would no longer be a threat to road users as the Railways is going to install train collision avoidance system (TCAS) along the tracks. Railway officials said the system is programmed to sound pre-installed hooters at unmanned crossings, loud enough to alert commuters.

The system would be a boon in minimising mishaps at unmanned level crossings, said officials. Recently, 13 students died after a school van driver drove his vehicle packed with students into an incoming train at an unmanned crossing in Kushinagar.

“We are on the job to either transform unmanned crossings into manned ones or to establish overbridges. But till then, TCAS would be a major tool to avert accidents, once it is in place,” said Sanjay Yadav, chief public relations officer (CPRO), North Eastern Railway (NER). Read More

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