Start buying unreserved train tickets on smartphones

Start buying unreserved train tickets on smartphones

Railway commuters of the city can now buy unreserved tickets for any destination using their smartphones.

Passengers can get printed tickets from the Automated Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) at the Nashik Road station after booking tickets through their cellphones by giving their mobile number and the booking ID.

The Indian Railways announced the facility which will allow the booking of unreserved tickets through a smartphone application and getting a printout from the railway station on Monday.

Apart from this, purchasing unreserved tickets using cellphones will tackle the problem of change at the booking counters. But it has been made mandatory for all railway commuters booking tickets on smartphones to get printouts from the station. They will not be allowed to travel without the printed tickets.

The senior divisional commercial manager of the Bhusawal railway division, Sunil Mishra, said that a proper system has been put in place for commuters to get the print out of the tickets from the Automated Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM).

“If printouts are unavailable, then commuters can get in touch with the unreserved booking counters at the station to get the ticket,” Mishra said.
A source from the Nashik railway station said that even before the formal announcement was about the facility, some commuters have been demanding printouts of the unreserved tickets that they booked through their smartphones.
“In some cases, commuters even threatened to lodge formal complaints. We had to give them tickets after paying from our own pockets,

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