Sun offers free solar power after 25-year contracts end

Sun offers free solar power after 25-year contracts end

In what may be an Uber moment for global clean energy economy, SoftBank Chief Executive Masayoshi Son on Wednesday offered to supply free electricity to International Solar Alliance (ISA) member countries, including India, once the contract to supply power expires after 25 years.

Speaking at the second Re-Invest conference at Greater Noida, Son said: “SoftBank offers free power from solar power projects after a Power Purchase Agreement of 25 years.” With the lifecycle span of a solar power project extending over 80 years, Son added that after a decline in the capacity over the first five years, it generates electricity at 85% for the rest of its project life.

This comes in the backdrop of the ISA’s focus on ‘universalising’ the membership for the first treaty-based international government organisation headquartered in India and making all United Nations members eligible for ISA membership.

Such a move will also help in the induction of countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Nepal and Afghanistan. While 70 countries are signatories to the ISA framework agreement, 44 have ratified it. Read More

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