Taking a step towards smart street lighting

Taking a step towards smart street lighting

Our cities are extensively illuminated with streetlights at night. Streetlights are an important source of power consumption in cities. It becomes important to then analyze how energy efficient our streetlights are? And if not, is there a way to make our street lighting more sustainable?

According to a United Nations report, India is estimated to add 416 million urban dwellers by 2050. The growing urbanization and migration to cities puts a strong focus on the need of upgrading the aging infrastructure to ensure overall sustainability.

Smart cities are another area where intelligent lighting will prove to be of immense value. The Indian government has committed to develop 100 smart cities and 99 cities have already been declared as part of the US$ 14 billion mission.

To achieve this objective in a sustainable manner and to make this mission energy-efficient, the lighting industry will play a major role. Read More

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