The Power Of Small

The Power Of Small

With nearly 300 million rural Indians, about a fourth of the country’s population, still lacking access to quality power, Decentralised Distributed Generation (DDG) could be the answer. This would entail setting up of small and independent power units without any grid links instead of the mega power projects that became the trend in the early 2000s.

And due to the remote locations in which many of this un-electrified population lives, the situation can only be enhanced through generating energy from various means including harnessing solar power, biogas plants, wind pumps and micro-hydel plants.

This has also been articulated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, which feels remotely located renewable energy projects are ideally suited for distributed applications. These kind of projects have substantial potential to provide reliable energy supply as an alternative to grid extension or as a supplement to grid power and in locations without the grid. Read More…

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