Tightrope walk for India

Tightrope walk for India

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s visit to India on May 14 and his talks with Sushma Swaraj again present India with a difficult choice: Implement US sanctions against Iran by stopping the import of Iranian oil or continue to deal with Iran on the basis of international law and India’s national interests.

The choice is not an easy one: on the one hand are India’s relations with the US, while on the other its economic and geopolitical interests. Various considerations can have a bearing on this issue.

First, India’s economic and geopolitical interests. Iran is the third largest exporter of oil to India, after Iraq and Saudi Arabia, currently accounting for a little over 11 per cent of India’s oil imports.

Iran is also India’s gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia through the port of Chabahar, which India has helped to develop. India’s stakes in its relations with Iran are high Read More

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