Tracks Sabotaged On Outskirts Earlier Too

Tracks Sabotaged On Outskirts Earlier Too

Railway track sabotage is nothing new in Lucknow. Keeping that in view, police are trying to ascertain if all of them were linked with a common motive. Before last Sunday’s incident in which 307 fastening clips were found removed in Mahanagar in the heart of the city, tracks had been damaged seriously on the outskirts on three earlier occasions.

All the three bids were made on the Mohanlalganj Kankaha rail section in winters, which briefly disturbed railway traffic.

FIRs were lodged but none have been arrested so far. The first attempt was made on October 1, 2015, in the wee hours when miscreants cut off a1.60-foot long track portion. A passenger train driver noticed a deafening thud and decided to bring the train to halt. Inspector general of anti-terrorist squad of UP police, Asim Arun said, “As it was a passenger train, the speed was less and the sabotage was detected in time. The nearest settlement was 300 metre away from the tracks. Read More…

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