Trains Remain Stationed Along Platform, Vendors Hit

Trains Remain Stationed Along Platform, Vendors Hit

Vendors eking out their living by selling items of essential need at Amritsar Railway Station’s platform number one have alleged that their sales have declined due to lopsided scheduling of trains.

They said the Shatabdi trains remain parked on the platform most of the time which was also leading to inconvenience to passengers, mostly elderly and children. For instance, Swarn Shatabdi remains parked there from 1:30 pm to 5 pm and another Shatabdi remains there from 10:40 pm to 5 am.

During this time span, popular trains like Shan-E-Punjab, Jammu-Bathinda, Bathinda-Jammu, Hirakund Express and Indore Express do not find space on platform number one and are operated from other platforms. Read more

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