Truckers and their great northern hunt for cheaper fuel

Truckers and their great northern hunt for cheaper fuel

Petrol pumps in northern States have turned meeting grounds for the truckers’ fraternity as they stand in serpentine queues to fill fuel-tanks to the brim. Many of them have replaced their standard tanks and attached larger capacity ones to make sure their vehicles can hold as much fuel as possible while they criss-across the country.

This love for North India has got nothing to do with State loyalties of the drivers. These are just quirky consumer behaviour in response to frequent fluctuations and high differentials in fuel pricing across States. Even logistic players crib that their clients have lately started pressing for freight contracts that bill them by benchmarking fuel rates to prices prevailing in the North. For instance, a litre of diesel in Delhi on Tuesday was cheaper by about ₹10 compared to Mumbai, where it was priced at ₹77 per litre.

“To deal with the daily fluctuation in fuel prices, trucks plying across longer distances try to fill their tanks in the North as against in western States,” Pirojshaw Sarkari, CEO, Mahindra Logistics, told BusinessLine. Read More

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