UK Urges US Not To ‘hinder’ Iran Nuclear Deal Work

UK Urges US Not To ‘hinder’ Iran Nuclear Deal Work

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged the United States today not to undermine the Iran nuclear deal it has just ditched and said Washington should “spell out” its plans for what comes next.

“I urge the US to avoid taking any action that would hinder other parties from continuing to make the agreement work,” Johnson told parliament, adding that Britain had “no intention of walking away” from the deal, which remained “vital” to its national security.

“For as long as Britain abides by the agreement… then Britain will remain a party to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” he said.

“It’s now up to Washington to come up with concrete proposals.” European leaders and key trading power China have vowed to save the 2015 accord, which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for it halting an alleged nuclear weapons programme and allowing international inspections. Read More

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