In villages with microgrids, everyone’s waiting for ‘real power’

In villages with microgrids, everyone’s waiting for ‘real power’

Activist Sunanda Patwardhan was in her office in interior Jawhar district, one morning last year, when a local Warli woman angrily demanded to see her. She had just returned from Mumbai and what she had witnessed left her incensed.

“Two-three fans in one room, tubelights, many bulbs, moving pictures, mixer, fridge, washing machine, everything can run on their grids, and ours? Even the light that comes from our bulbs is weak,” she fumed.

Patwardhan tried to console her, saying she would have to pay more than the flat rate she paid now for electricity. “I don’t know all that. What I do know is we are being given less and they are being given more. Tai (sister), you fix it,” she said as she stormed off.

Patwardhan smiles. “She knew even without an education and without knowing any science, that the electricity that comes off the microgrid is not the same,” she says. Read More

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