‘Virtual LNG pipeline’ to boost gas fuel use by passenger ships

‘Virtual LNG pipeline’ to boost gas fuel use by passenger ships

The use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by passenger ships will be facilitated by AG&P’s plans to make the fuel more widely available via small scale infrastructure.

AG&P is building its first small scale LNG carrier at its facility in Batangas in the Philippines. The vessel design has been finalised with a 16-month time-line to delivery. It will revolutionise the delivery of LNG in Southeast Asian island nations as well as having the potential to be used in India, China and the Caribbean, and on European waterways. One of the market drivers is a recognition of the need to break away from major, large scale terminals and deliver LNG to a broader market in a cost effective manner.

LNG is now at a viable price in Southeast Asia, but what is lacking is the availability of mechanisms to deliver the fuel to non traditional users. Large scale infrastructure costs so much that LNG is priced out of the market. So simple, economic solutions are going to be key. People in Southeast Asia are very concerned about pollution and they will support the conversion of vessels to this fuel if the cost is reasonable. Read More…

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