Virtual Metro Rail model to help expedite work

Virtual Metro Rail model to help expedite work

The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRCL), which is constructing the Metro Rail as per schedule, is preparing a virtual model of the project to further expedite its completion. Five dimensional building information modelling (5D BIM) integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) softwares is being used to construct this model. Nagpur Metro Rail is the first infrastructure project in the country to use these advanced softwares.

Upagupta Patnaik, engagement director of 5D BIM project, told TOI that the virtual model will enable NMRCL officials to track the progress of the project at the click of a mouse. “We will first feed data regarding construction of viaduct and stations. Say if an official wants to know the progress of work in a particular section, all he has to do is to issue a command. The screen will show a 3D model of the part of project has been completed, underconstruction part and part to be constructed in future.

“The underconstruction part will show the structures that are as per schedule as well as behind schedule. Say the pillars have been constructed on time but the slabs are behind schedule then the former will shown as green and the latter as red,” Patnaik said. Read More…

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