Voluntary RECs: Win-win For India Inc. And Government

Voluntary RECs: Win-win For India Inc. And Government

Government actions tofacilitatethe use ofrenewable energy certificates (RECs) can improveIndian companies’ability to compete globally – a major policy objectiveof the current government.

Driven partly by consumer demand,firmsare being serious about the “source” of energy they use for operations. According tothe Harvard Business Review, firms that approach energy as merelyacost are making astrategic mistake of overlooking opportunities to reduce risk, improve resilience,and create new value.RECs can be an easy start forfirmswho are new to renewable energy procurement – whether mandatoryorby their own will.

REC in India

Renewableenergy certificatesunbundlethe electricity from the renewable character of its generation,which isembodied in the REC. RECscan be sold independently to different customers in one or different marketsandregions. Read more

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