Water meant for power plant stolen daily, case lodged

Water meant for power plant stolen daily, case lodged

The Raj West Power Limited plant in Barmer is facing crisis. Reason: Due to theft of gallons of water from Indira Gandhi Canal in Mohangarh (Jaisalmer) the water that was supplied to this power plant is now unavailable.

With the stolen water illegal farming is being done in Mohangarh area. On getting a complaint, the Sadar police station lodged a case against five persons.

The pipeline supplies water from Mohangarh to the power plant at Bhadres in Barmer. The plant gets 30 cusec water daily. However, since the pipeline passes through many villages, the influential people living there in connivance with others have taken illegal connection from this pipeline for cultivation. This happens every year and there is no one to check them.

The contractor concerned sometimes makes efforts, but water thieves bully him. The water thieves are very active and by laying underground pipelines, they take connection from the main pipeline and take water up to their fields. Read More

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