Wienerberger India Sources 92% Power From Renewables

Wienerberger India Sources 92% Power From Renewables

Wienerberger India’s robotic plant producing over 70,000 large format hollow blocks each day for the fast-growing construction industry has moved to sustainable electricity sources such as wind and solar energy.

“Initially, Wienerberger India’s factory, located in Bengaluru, was solely dependent on conventional energy for its power requirement. This meant operating heavy duty robotics and other machinery capable of manufacturing a mammoth count of nearly 480 tonnes of clay blocks per day, 365 days a year, with minimum manual intervention, would need significant energy,” said Monnanda Appaiah, Managing Director, Wienerberger India.

Since 2017, the factory was successful in sourcing over 90 per cent of its electricity requirement from solar and wind farms. Appaiah added, “Heavy duty automation and use of technology has made Wienerberger, by far, one of the largest clay block producers in South East Asia.” Read more

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