Wind energy’s unenviable situation

Wind energy’s unenviable situation

India may be emerging as a leading light in renewable energy capacity additions, but the pace of transformation is unsettling the stakeholders. The latest bout of disruption has been triggered by the 1 gigawatt (GW) wind power auction conducted in February this year. One GW is 1,000 megawatts. Tariffs in the auction fell below the feed-in tariffs being paid by state power distribution companies (discoms). This alerted the discoms, who stopped signing new feed-in tariffs, crimping the project pipeline.

Wind power solutions provider Inox Wind Ltd’s March quarter results reflect this. Revenue and profit slumped as states stopped signing new power purchase agreements (PPAs) on a feed-in tariff basis. As a result, the executable order book fell from 1.3GW at the end of the December quarter to 0.3GW. Read More…


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