Only 1 refill station for 1,700 CNG auto-rickshaws

Only 1 refill station for 1,700 CNG auto-rickshaws

Though almost a year have passed since the announcement by the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), new CNG gas stations are yet to come up in the city. Owing to this, CNG auto-rickshaw drivers are on the receiving end. They have to travel around 80 km to get their eco-friendly vehicles refilled with the CNG.

To reduce pollution, the PPCB had issued strict guidelines in July last year, that, no new auto-rickshaws operated with petrol and diesel would be allowed in the district and only CNG, LPG or the electric autos would be registered. Besides, new CNG stations would also be set up in every district for the regular supply of the gas.

Following this, auto-rickshaw drivers started purchasing only CNG autos, however, the unavailability of CNG filling stations has left them troubled. There is only one refill station for 1,700 auto-rickshaws. Read more

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