48 Stations Go Green, Turn On Led Lights

48 Stations Go Green, Turn On Led Lights

Taking a step forward in reducing energy consumption, the North East Frontier Railway (NFR) has converted 48 stations under it into 100% LED bulb lighting system. Another 60 stations will be also to be fully converted to LED lighting system this year.

“All conventional light fittings like fluorescent tube lights, CFL, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium vapour lamps and others have been destocked during June,2016 in lieu of which 9W LED bulbs and 18W LED tube lights. We have stocked Rs 1.03 crore worth of LED lamps. This will lead to reduction in annual power consumption of 1.43MW approximately,” NFR chief public relation officer Pranav Jyoti Shrama said.

NFR said it is also going ahead with the installation of solar power and wind energy as a part of conventional energy reduction initiative.  Read More…




Credit By: ET Energy World

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