50 Lakh LPG Connections to rural women in just 100 days

50 Lakh LPG Connections to rural women in just 100 days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday commended the efforts of petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan on a host of initiatives carried out by his ministry for the welfare of poor and also that have proved strategically beneficial to the country.

Applauding the efforts of the petroleum ministry under Pradhan to re-negotiate gas prices with Qatar, a move that will help India save Rs 20,000 crore, Modi said India has worked in a direction to make impossible possible.

“We have entered into an agreement with Qatar for buying gas till 2024 but the prices are so high that it is costly for our economy. It was a result of our foreign policy relationship that we were able to renegotiate with Qatar, and the agreement which was the right of Qatar, and we were bound to buy gas from it till 2024, we negotiated with them and today, I can say with satisfaction that we made an impossible task possible, they renegotiated their prices and it will save 2000 crore rupees of the exchequer of India,” he added.

Modi said the Qataris were entitled to get these Rs 20000 crore rupees but the nature of relationship that India has with Qatar made it possible to re-negotiate this long term gas deal.

India depends on other countries of the world for energy and petroleum products, for which it has signed long term agreements with them to get these products at fixed prices for a long period

Talking about India’s strategic move over the Chabahar port, Modi said, “The negotiations have been going on during the tenure of all the Governments and efforts were also made for Chabahar Port, which is an important link for connecting us with Central Asia, but today I feel satisfied to see an impossible task becoming possible.”

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“When Iran, Afganistan and India collectively march ahead in a planned way for the construction of Chabahar Port, an impossible task becomes possible,” he added.

On providiong LPG Connections to the poor families, Modi talked about the “Ujjavala” scheme that aims to provide smokeless kitchens to the rural women.

Modi said that in order to get rid of smokes emanating from chulha “for my poor mothers”, a target has been laid down to provide gas connections to 5 crores poor families within 3 years.

“Efforts are in progress and we have already provided gas connections to around 50 lakhs and that also have been done merely within the last hundred days – you can imagine – that it may be possible to achieve the said target even before three years. We intend to emphasis upon Last Mile Delivery in this mission,” Modi assured.

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