6-hour power cut hits water supply in Lucknow

6-hour power cut hits water supply in Lucknow

Long power cut from early morning on Sunday left Lucknowites bitter on the weekend . Power cuts were reported from 6.30am till noon in many parts of the city. No power in the morning hours hit water supply, making things even more difficult for the citizens as mercury rose through the day and they had to do without water.

Areas like Hazratganj, Husainganj, Kaiserbagh, Aminabad, and Latouche Road witnessed power cut of over six hours.

Residents of Chowk, Victoria Street, Saadatganj, Thakurganj, Hardoi Road and adjoining areas said that the power cut lasted for more than seven hours.

Charbagh, Mawaiya, Alambagh, Nishatganj, IT crossing and nearby areas faced recurring power cuts from 6am till 1pm. Read More

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