60% of all east-bound trains ran late in May

60% of all east-bound trains ran late in May

Rail passengers travelling to the eastern parts of the country from the north were most affected by train delays in May, according to official data obtained by The Indian Express.  The data show that of the 19,450 trains that failed to keep time from May 1 to May 30 across India, around 11,600 or 59.64 per cent  were in Bihar’s East Central Railway, UP’s North Central Railway and North Eastern Railway, Kolkata-based Eastern Railway and the New Delhi-based Northern Railway. Over 80 per cent of these delays were due to causes within the control of Railways, such as failure of assets, track problems, operational glitches, and maintenance work, according to the records.

Even Rajdhani trains, which get priority of path, were affected by these delays, with their punctuality rate dipping 8.61 per cent to 78 per cent this April-May compared to the same period last year.Read More…


Credit By : The Indian Express

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