Adani’s Australia coal mine project faces another legal challenge

Adani’s Australia coal mine project faces another legal challenge

Indian energy giant Adani Mining on Friday has faced another legal challenge.

The $21.5-billion Australian rail and mine project of the company faces another challenge after a community group asked the Supreme Court to scrutinise Queensland state government’s decision to approve the firm’s Abbot Point Terminal expansion.

Whitsunday Residents Against Dumping, claiming to save the Great Barrier Reef, brought an application to the Queensland Supreme Court that sought a hearing to determine whether the state’s environment department properly
considered legislative tests when approving the contentious port expansion.

A former tourism worker and spokesperson for the activist group, Sandra Williams was quoted saying, “Australia’s precious Great Barrier Reef is already in poor health, and Indian coal company Adani’s controversial port project, which will cause irreparable damage, has raised significant concern in our community.”

“We believe the approval of Adani’s port proposal was unlawful and, long with many thousands of Australians, we feel that it is wrong to damage the glorious Great Barrier Reef to build a port for an unviable foreign owned coal mine that nobody wants or needs,” Williams said.

“There is a question mark over whether the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection properly assessed the project, as required by law, before it gave this billion dollar proposal the green light. It is critically important that the decision, which has such grave implications for the Great Barrier Reef, is properly scrutinised,” she said.

“Both state and federal governments in Australia are allowing fossil fuel companies to expand the port, for a coal project that will decimate the Reef and its glorious corals, and threaten marine life, including endangered snubfin dolphins, turtles and giant manta rays.”

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However, an Adani spokesperson said that it was yet another attempt by activists to delay the project – one of the world’s largest coal mines – and highlighted the massive costs to Queensland.

“What we see today is yet another politically-motivated activist attempt to delay a centrepiece of Adani’s plans to build a long-term future with Queensland.”

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