Bengal Govt to set up more hydroelectric projects

Bengal Govt to set up more hydroelectric projects

The West Bengal Government has taken up an elaborate scheme to set up several small hydroelectric projects (SHP), to further tap the renewable energy resources across the state.

The State Power Department will soon start the construction of Lodhama II Small Hydroelectric Project in Darjeeling, with a capacity of 10 megawatts (MW). The Power Department is also reviewing the possibility of setting up the Rammam Intermediate Stage Hydroelectric Project, also in north Bengal, with a capacity of 12 MW.

Seven more small hydroelectric projects (SHP) are being planned in north Bengal, named as Ragnu SHP, Ritu SHP, Rishi SHP, Shri SHP, Rithukhola SHP, Teesta Bazar SHP and Tanglu Maney Bhajan SHP. The tendering process for setting them up is underway.

The Power Department has also allotted SHPs of a total capacity of 73.5 MW in Darjeeling district to private agencies. The DPRs for these will be submitted to the department soon. Read More

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