China Building High-Speed Rail Tunnel Below Great Wall

China Building High-Speed Rail Tunnel Below Great Wall

China is constructing a 12-km-long high-speed train tunnel through one of the portions of its iconic Great Wall to connect Zhangjiakou city which is due to co-host 2022 winter Olympics along with Beijing.

It took the Chinese engineers months to choreograph the best intersection point. In the end, the tunnel, deep below the Badaling section of the Great Wall, passed experts’ appraisal, state-run People’s Daily reported.

The Line is designed for trains traveling up to 350 km per hour, which is expected to shorten the single-journey time from more than 3 hours to approximately one hour. The line is estimated to be completed in 2019.

The depth of the tunnel will range from four meters to 432 meters. Now, people are holding their breath on the completion of the tunnel while ensuring that the Great Wall is not damaged in the process, the global times reported. Read More…


Credit By : Outlook India

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