Cool Breeze For Delhi this summer, assures Piyush Goyal

Cool Breeze For Delhi this summer, assures Piyush Goyal

“Delhi is my Karma Bhoomi. I am taking a personal interest (to resolve the power crisis): Piyush Goyal

By Anupama Airy

The onset of summers in India especially Delhi and some northern and western parts of India, has often been related to long hours of power cuts till a year and a half back when the Modi government promised the citizens of this country to make India free of power cuts in the next 2-3 years. spoke to India’s minister of state for power, coal and renewable energy, Piyush Goyal to track the progress of steps initiated by the Modi government to arrest these power-cuts across the country.

Q: How Prepared is India this summers as far as power situation is concerned?

A: We are absolutely prepared. Last year, I think the entire summer we did not have any problem, expect one state Karnataka, which had a severe hydel shortfall because of bad rains and where there is not much of transmission ability which of course cannot be created overnight. So except for some specific locations, where the constraints are beyond human management – like transmission or the last mile connectivity, or break down of a major power plant and not enough time to ramp up the rest of the supply lines of a particular locality are instances that one cannot plan for entirely.

But by and enlarge the nation has as a whole has got sufficient ability to generate more power and any amount of demand the people of India need, where ever there is transmission ability , we are geared up to meet that requirement.

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Q: How about Delhi. How well prepared are we in our National capital?

A: I have already asked my department to review the position in Delhi and discuss with the officials of Delhi on what there preparedness is for power. Then I have also sought to set up a meeting and have asked my people to write to Delhi’s power minister and the officials of the Delhi government and call a review meeting along with officials of my ministry, Power Grid Corporation and other companies supplying power in Delhi.

I would like to review both the preparedness for the summers for the people of Delhi as well as see the progress of the works that I had initiated a year and a half ago on various fronts to augment and strengthen the capacity of Delhi to withstand increased demands or support or provide for increased demand particularly in the summer months.

It is not directly part of my work but now I have become a resident of Delhi and I can say it is my “Karma Bhoomi”, So I am also taking a personal interest .

Q: You once mentioned in an earlier interview that in Mumbai, and you yourself being a Mumbaikar, that people over their have never heard of Invertors or Gensets. But Delhi and NCR is just the opposite. You have also spoken about making India a DG set free and inverter free country. How far have we moved on that front because if you go towards the NCR, you see all industries using diesel guzzling gensets and using them for power ?

A: The Delhi bit, I have already responded to. The NCR you are talking of includes Gurgaon and Noida– area’s where transmission and last mile connectivity or sufficient ability to move large volumes of power is a constraint, something which sitting in Delhi I cannot plan for. It has to be something that has to be initiated by the states to augment and strengthen their transmission capabilities.

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But I am fairly confident that all the teams in the state are also conscious of their responsibility for their people. I am working closely with them for the 24×7 power for all and UDAY program. Large parts of NCR are in UP and Haryana, both of which are part of UDAY 24×7 plans and I do believe that by 2019 they should be able to have adequate capacity We are trying to speed it up.

We have already put in place short, medium and long-term mechanisms to ensure ample power for the country. Energy savings schemes like the LED bulbs scheme, smart and efficient agricultural pumps for farmers, energy efficient fans and going forward air conditioners also…all are plans to reduce energy consumption. This energy saved is also meeting additional demand which we are also ensuring through other measures that are currently in place. With reforms like UDAY and UJALA, I am confident of achieving this by 2019 when power cuts will become a thing of the past.

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