Delhi-bound Trains Affected As Heavy Rain Lashes Gujarat

Delhi-bound Trains Affected As Heavy Rain Lashes Gujarat

Heavy rains in Mehsana on late Saturday night disrupted the rail traffic in Gujarat resulting in cancellation of several Delhi bound trains. Several trains have also been rescheduled.

Due to heavy rain, soil erosion was reported from Mehsana at about 12.30 AM on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday. This hampered the movement of the trains. The railway officials say that the incident was reported at 12:30 and the efforts are on to restore the tracks. The railways are arranging drinking water, tea & biscuits for passengers.

The Tracks between Kambli – Siddhpur and Bhandu – Unjha are being restored by Western Railways officials. “The passengers of 12915 Ashram Express were served approximately 850 packets of biscuits, 180 PDW of 1 litre and 500 pouches of water at 6.00am, further 700 samosa and 200 poori bhaji packets are being supplied from MSH and approx 500 poori bhaji packets are being prepared at Siddhpur”, said Pradeep Sharma, PRO Railways. He further added that efforts are being made to take care of stranded passengers. Likewise, tea and snacks are being provided to about 800 passengers of train numbers 14707 and 14717, said Railways officials.

Trains affected:
19412 AII-ADI JCO 2/7/17 Fully cancelled.
19411 ADI-AII JCO 2/7/17 Fully cancelled.
19263 PBR-DEE JCO 1/7/17 Regulated at ADI ON 2/7/17 diverted via ANND -GDA.
12215 DEE-BDTS JCO 1/7/17 Regulated at PNU & Diverted via SIOB-DHG-VG-ADI.
79438 /79432 ABR-MSH-ADI JCO 2/7/17 Fully cancelled.
54804 ADI-JU PASS. JCO 2/7/17 Will dept 2.00 hrs late
16532 YPR-AII JCO 30/6/17 Diverted via BRC.
19707 BDTS-JP JCO 1/7/17 is diverted via BRC-RTM.
14708 BDTS-BKN JCO 1/7/17 regulated at ADI & will depart at 07.00 hrs ex ADI.
12989 DDR-AII JCO 1/7/17 regulated at SBI & diverted via ADI-DHG-SIOB-BLDI-PNU.
19027 BDTS -JAT JCO 1/7/17 regulated at MSH & 14311 BE-BHUJ JCO 1/7/17 Diverted via PNU -BLDI -SIOB.
12489 JCO 1/7/17 BKN-DDR regulated at DISA & diverted VIA SIOB DHG -ADI.
12479 JU-BDTS JCO 1/7/17 cancelled at ABR & reserved as 12480 Ex ABR To JU.
12480 BDTS-JU JCO 1/7/17 terminated at MSH & reversed as 12479 JU-BDTS EX MSH

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