Enercon Set For 1,200 Turbine Refurbishment In India

Enercon Set For 1,200 Turbine Refurbishment In India

Some 800 inactive wind turbines and a further 400 operating in curtailed mode adding up to 860MW in capacity in India could be re-activated now that a long legal dispute has been resolved and Enercon is able to re-enter the Indian market.

During Enercon’s enforced ten-year absence from India, its former joint venture partner manufactured wind turbines illegally using Enercon technology, the firm told Windpower Monthly.

A recent judgment handed down by the International Court of Arbitration (ICC) in London, designated as the competent court for the issues by India’s Supreme Court, delivered a “comprehensive final award” in Enercon’s favour, “which concluded a number of disputes including on use of Enercon’s intellectual property, and enables the company to return to the Indian market on new terms,” said Enercon.

Since 2007, Enercon has not been allowed to provide maintenance or spare parts, it added.


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