Energising India: Piyush Goyal To Launch SIM enabled Agri Pumps and Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans on April 7

Energising India: Piyush Goyal To Launch SIM enabled Agri Pumps and Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans on April 7

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Energy efficiency schemes have never been so popular before in India. Whether it is the LED Bulbs scheme or the energy efficient fans scheme along with the latest from the fold of power minister, Piyush Goyal — the SIM enabled smart agricultural pumps for the Indian farmers, an announcement of which is being made on April 7 th, all these schemes have one thing in common–the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer.

As reported first by the EnergyInfraPost.com on April 3rd in an exclusive interview with the union minister of state for power, coal and RE, Piyush Goyal, the distribution of smart agricultural pumps and energy efficient ceiling fans will begin with Andhra Pradesh and later carried out in other states.

The new-age SIM enabled smart agri pumps come for free under the scheme and is aimed at empowering Indian Farmers by helping help them get rid of the old inefficient pumps which are virtual power guzzlers.

Speaking to EnergyInfraPost.com ahead of this mega roll-out on April 4th, Goyal said, “Our larger focus is on agricultural pumps. India uses some 20 million very old age agricultural pumps which are energy guzzlers…then there are another 10 million agriculture pumps, which are working on diesel or other forms of power…so our effort is to make these old pumps energy efficient and replace diesel will electrified pumps in the next 3-4 years.”

“Lot of background work has gone into this effort including quality specifications, on making this program economically viable and independent of government subsidies and be a win-win for all stakeholders.”

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In contrast, these new smart SIM-enabled Agricultural Pumps that Can Be Operated By Farmers from Mobiles and In the Comfort of Their Homes and will be distributed free of cost in association with the respective state governments.

Alongside this scheme, the minister will also announce the Energy Efficient Fan Scheme –which will enable consumers to buy these fans at an installment of as less as Rs 55 a month. Switching over to these fans will help the consumers save Rs 700 every year on their electricity bills thereby recovering the cost of this fan within a time frame of two years.

Launching these initiatives in Andhra Pradesh will be power minister Piyush Goyal, Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy along with N. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister Andhra Pradesh.

The two schemes have been named as the National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme and National Energy Efficient Fan Programme that will see a formal launch in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on April 7th.

These Schemes will be implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited ( EESL) , a JV of PSUs under Ministry of Power .

National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme will help farmers in replacing energy guzzlers age-old agricultural pumps across the country with the new-age energy efficient agricultural pumps, with a 5-Star Rating. These pumps will come enabled with smart control panel and a SIM card, giving farmers the flexibility to switch-on and switch-off these pumps from their mobile phones and from the comfort of their homes.

Through these new-age energy efficient SIM-enabled agricultural pumps, Union Power Ministry is looking at a 30% savings in energy by 2019. This will then boil down to an annual savings of approx Rs 20,000 crore on agricultural subsidies or a saving of 50 billion units of energy every year.

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Along with the announcement of the new-age agricultural pumps, Goyal through its state owned entity–EESL will also launch National Energy Efficient Fan Programme for Indian households and businesses , wherein Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans of 5-star rating 50 Watts (from leading companies such as Usha and Bajaj) will be provided at Rs 60 a month on EMI basis and Rs. 1250/- on upfront basis.

With the usage of these energy efficient fans, consumers will also stand to save on their electricity bills by Rs 700 a year. This means, a consumer can recover the cost of this energy-efficient ceiling fan in less than 2 years. While these energy-efficient ceiling fans will cost Rs 1440/- to a consumer who uses the installment route, for those who can pay upfront can buy this fan for Rs 1250. A total of two ceiling fans can be bought on one electricity bill from domestic category consumers only.