Ghatkopar building goes solar, to save Rs1.65 lakh on power bills

Ghatkopar building goes solar, to save Rs1.65 lakh on power bills

A residential building has become the first in Ghatkopar to use solar energy to meet their electricity needs.

The 15-storey Shivshakti Heights, located near the railway station, has got a 9.135 kilowatt (kW) peak power rooftop solar system installed, which lights the lifts and the building’s common areas. The building is home to 76 families.

“Adopting solar energy is not only a smart move that results in savings but also contributes to improving the environment by helping reduce the carbon footprint,” said Dinesh Doshi, member of the co-operative housing society.

Spread across 1,100 square feet, the system consists of 29 solar panels that generate 14,600 kilowatt hour (kWh) solar energy as compared to 60,000 kWh, the annual electricity consumption of the society. The residents hope to save Rs 1.65 lakh in electricity bills annually. “During winter months, the panels generate 45 kWh solar energy in a day and during peak summer months, it goes up to 50 kWh,” said Animesh Manek, founder and director, Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd, the private company that installed the system.

A Mumbai house with two bedrooms uses, on an average, around 8 KWh electricity daily. “By going solar, we reduce the dependency on the electricity grid and thereby cut the electricity bills by 25%,” said Bharat Satra, another resident of the building. Read More…

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