Goyal Achieves A Major Milestone : Distributes 10 Crore Led Bulbs Across India With Annual Savings of Rs 5000 cr to Consumers On Electricity Bills

Goyal Achieves A Major Milestone : Distributes 10 Crore Led Bulbs Across India With Annual Savings of Rs 5000 cr to Consumers On Electricity Bills

In a move that will see an annual reduction in consumers electricity bills by Rs 5,195 crore, India’s Power, coal and RE Minister Piyush Goyal achieved a major milestone on April 26 as he achieved distribution of over 10 crore LED bulbs across the country.

10 cr LED

The distribution of LED bulbs is being done under the Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) scheme that was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in January 2015.

“Distribution of 10 crore LED bulbs is not only our achievement, but of the consumers as well,” Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy said.

“India has a clear vision to reduce our carbon emissions by 30-35% and energy efficiency is pivotal to achieving this target. Through the UJALA scheme, we have demonstrated our commitment to the country and the world. Taking this commitment forward, we would be procuring 20 crore bulbs this year, leading to more reduction in carbon emission,” Goyal said.

LED bulbs consume half the energy as that of CFLs and one tenth as that of incandescent bulbs. UJALA is the largest non-subsidised LED programme in the world. The programme has led to significant savings to the consumers who are using these bulbs.

National savings under UJALA scheme:

National Savings under UJALA
Estimated Annual energy savings                                           1,298 crore kWh annually
Estimated reduction of peak load                                           2,600 MW
Estimated Annual cost reduction of bills of consumers         INR 5,195 crore annually
Annual estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions          1 crore tonnes of CO2 annually
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The minister also tweeted saying , “More than 10 crore LED bulbs distributed! Reducing electricity bills & Reducing impact on environment #iLEDtheWay”

Under India’s commitment to achieving 30-35% reduced carbon emissions, the country has recognized energy efficiency as a key mitigation strategy. Therefore, the government is committed to executing schemes like UJALA.

State governments are voluntarily adopting this scheme and the scheme is already present in over 13 states. EESL would be starting distribution in three more states within a month. The UJALA scheme has played a significant role in creating awareness about energy efficient lighting. In 2014-15, the total number of LED bulbs that were distributed was mere 30 lakhs. The number of LED bulbs distributed in 2015-16 has crossed 15 crore, where 9 crore LED bulbs were distributed under UJALA and the remaining were contributed by the industry. For this year, the Government of India is confident of distributing an additional 20 crore LED bulbs. Sustained efforts under UJALA, coupled with industry support, will help the government achieve its objective of replacing 77 crore inefficient bulbs by March 2019.

Efficient domestic lighting is one of the largest contributors to energy savings globally and the distribution of 10 crore LED bulbs in India has led to savings of over 1,298 crore kWh annually. This number has also helped the country avoid capacity of about 2,600 MW. Most importantly, the country has benefitted from reduction of CO2 emission by over 1 crore tonnes annually. The scheme is executed by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under Ministry of Power.

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For enjoying the benefits of the scheme the consumer just needs to visit the UJALA dashboard www.delp.in to locate the closest distribution kiosk to their place. The UJALA scheme has now become a revolution and each person counts. Energy savings achieved from switching to LED bulbs is helping light up a home somewhere in the country.