Haryana To Produce Energy From Liquid Waste

Haryana To Produce Energy From Liquid Waste

In order to tackle the problem of silt collected in sewerages, Haryana government would explore the possibility of generating energy from liquid waste in the urban areas of the state. Haryana urban local bodies minister Kavita Jain, who is currently leading a delegation to Kazhakhstan and Poland, said this in a statement released to the press.

The minister visited Shymkent in Kazakhstan’s Almaty city on Saturday where a team of Ekalog Blue and Green Technology explained how they generated electricity by collecting methane gas from the sediment and liquid in the sewage. The minister is leading a delegation to Poland and Kazakhstan. The delegation includes principal secretary of urban local bodies Anand Mohan Sharan and director of urban local bodies department Shekhar Vidhyarthi.

Jain said, the technique could be implemented in Haryana to generate energy from solid as well as liquid waste, especially sewage silt. “Now, during our visit to Poland and Kazakhstan, information has been obtained on better techniques to solve the problem of solid and liquid waste. We shall take advantage of it to solve the problem of the citizens of the state,” added Jain.

Haryana has been divided into 15 clusters for the disposal of solid waste and work is on progress on the project. Haryana government is also setting up a plant to prepare energy, compost and bio-gas from garbage as per the requirement of various clusters.



Source Link  – The Times of India

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