‘HEC laying stress on modernisation, diversification’

‘HEC laying stress on modernisation, diversification’

The Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) Limited, Ranchi, has been laying stress on diversification of the company’s business in recent times. In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Guardian, Avijit Ghosh, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), HEC, discussed his plans for the company’s future. Excerpts:

Q. HEC has been taking strides for a major overhaul. What are your plans for the growth of the company?

A. The company had been facing a pressing need for modernisation of its facilities. A plan for installation of new machinery as well as refurbishment has been prepared and put up for the government’s approval. The plan has been advocated by a high-level team of technical experts, including from Niti Aayog. HEC houses critical facilities for manufacture of capital goods and items of strategic importance. Though the regular business was majorly in mining and steel sector, the company had recorded milestone achievements for the country in nuclear applications, atomic energy, defence and the strategic sector. The modernisation shall give a new avatar to the organisation. Read more


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