India: BP & Reliance Downstream & R-Series Partnership

India: BP & Reliance Downstream & R-Series Partnership

The partnership hopes to collaborate in areas including digitization and disruptive mobility trends and unconventional mobility solutions

 Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and BP have decided to move forward together with the aim of developing already-discovered deepwater natural gas fields, bringing new fuel production for has been agreed by the two companies to intensify and expand their partnership to work in cooperation across a wide range of areas throughout India’s energy sector.

In order to progress development of the ‘R-Series’ deep water natural gas fields off the east coast of India, RIL and BP has proposed to award contracts. Coming on stream in 2020, the project is expected to produce up to 12 million cubic metres (425 million cubic feet) of natural gas a day. Phased over 2020-2022, and with total investment of c. INR 40,000 crore (US$6 billion), development of the three projects is expected to bring a total c. 30-35 million cubic metres (1 billion cubic feet) of natural gas a day new domestic fuel production onstream. Read More…




Credit By: Petrolworld

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