Why India can be a world leader in clean energy

Why India can be a world leader in clean energy

Would you be surprised if I told you India was already a leader in clean energy, the most important technology of the future? Don’t worry you are not alone. In fact it’s more surprising the Indian government doesn’t brag about its achievements given it has shown no such shyness on other issues.

Across India, right now there are villages where households get loans to buy a solar power system for a few light bulbs inside. They don’t need to pay for power, only the initial cost. It is helping children study at night, saving farmers money on their crop, letting remote hospitals do necessary operations.

Renewable energy can not only transform thousands of villages and towns across this vast country, it can put also India on an accelerator into the future. The opportunities for transformation are vast. The only complaint is the BJP government is not going far enough.

Last month the New York Times even praised India (and China) for leading the world in clean energy investment, as it complained that Donald Trump’s America “now looked like a laggard.” With the Americans now planning to leave the Paris climate agreement the opportunity for Modi to lead the world is even greater.


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Credit- Hindustan Times

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