Interview: What Chairman Of Feedback Infra Vinayak Chatterjee Has To Say On Power Theft

Interview: What Chairman Of Feedback Infra Vinayak Chatterjee Has To Say On Power Theft

Finally after decades: Powered by “Vidyut Chori Roko Abhiyan” & allied measures, UP’s electricity bill collections rises by 28.5% in Q1.

UP curbs power theft

UP govt’s steps to curb power theft saw collection in Apr-June rise to `7,822 crore. UP had announced an amnesty scheme for consumers to subscribe to legal connections, waived off interest on power dues & introduced EMI for payment of dues.

Retrograde: Another unnecessary challenge to Renewables: MP Elec Regulator suggests amendment withdrawing “Must Run” status.

MP trips up renewable generation

Withdrawal of ‘must run’ status means the state can unplug renewable projects from grid at whim. ‘Must run’ status was granted to give certainty to renewables, though backing down thermal capacity involves cumbersome rebooting.

Half a PPA better than no PPA: Govt mulling waving carrot of “no fixed charges” before Discoms to motivate purchases from stressed plants.

elief for stressed power generation plants

The proposal will require state-owned discoms to offtake a minimum capacity of power from the plants. Plants with a total generation of capacity of 14,000MW don’t have purchase agreements that are essential to getting from Coal India.

Wind Power Trends: (1) With competitive bidding, set to achieve grid parity with coal (2) Non-wind States keen to buy from Windy States

Wind challenging coal-based power Wind power now priced just 2% above coal, as per a Morgan Stanley report. With tariffs dropping because of competitive bidding, state utilities are likely to prefer wind or solar power over coal-based power with short- and medium-term PPAs. Read More…


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