IOC’s New Concept Sas To Come Back To Company’s Priority List

IOC’s New Concept Sas To Come Back To Company’s Priority List

After remaining in low key for long, Indian Oil Corporation’s Servo Agro Spray( SAS) is coming back in priority planning of the company to penetrate deeper into Rs 10,000 crore sized national agro oil market.

“IOC is now putting serious thought on SAS for better utilization of the potential lying in the agro oil sector. There is huge demand for the product. But our present production level cannot match that. We are planning to improve the situation,” said Ranjan Kumar Mahapatra, IOC Executive Director cum State Level Co-ordinator, West Bengal.

According to IOC technical experts, SAS is a paraffin based mineral oil and environment friendly additive. The non-toxic and biodegradable spray oil forms a thin wax film over the pests killing them by just suffocating without exerting any toxic effect on soil or plant. This new concept product has certificates from major research institutes like, Central institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur, Horticultural Research Station, Shimla, UPASI Tea Research Foundation etc.

“Though launched over a decade back, SAS is yet to become well known among farmers throughout the country,” they agreed. Read More…


Credit By: ET

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