Man Arrested In Railways Crackdown For Damaging LCD Screen On Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express Train

Man Arrested In Railways Crackdown For Damaging LCD Screen On Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express Train

A man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly damaging an LCD screen on the Railways new train Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express last month. Nandadeep Sandeep Keer, a resident of Dadar, was arrested by railway police after they scanned passenger reservation chart from the IRCTC and checking mobile phone call records, according to Hindustan Times.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) registered the case on June 10. An RPF official said Keer damaged the LCD screen on seat number 49 on the C11 coach, Keer, however, was allotted seat number 54, as per HT report. Keer was arrested under various sections –145(b), 145 (c) and 147 — of the Railway Act and in court. He has also been fined Rs 22,000 for damaging government property, the report said.

The Tejas Express is the fastest train so far between Mumbai and Goa. Since its operation, there were reports of headphones being stolen from the train and people leaving behind trash. “The headphones were distributed just after the journey. There wasn’t any announcement made to return the headphones because we expected passengers will not carry them away” an official said to Mumbai Mirror. According to reports, the railway authorities, after such incidents, have also replaced costlier headphones with cheaper ones.

Earlier, Railways had bought branded headphones worth Rs 200 each for the luxury train. It has a total of 990 seats and 13 passenger coaches with “more comfortable” seats on executive coach with neck and leg rests. The train is equipped with amenities like CCTV cameras, GPS, WiFi, and unique features such as automatic doors, infotainment screens. The Railways has hailed Tejas as “aeroplane moving on the ground” which is capable of running at the speed of  200 kmph. The train covers 552-km between Mumbai and Goa within nine hours.

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