Matunga Becomes India’s First Railway Station With All-Women Staff

Matunga Becomes India’s First Railway Station With All-Women Staff

This is the time to be alive when the wave of women empowerment is opening several avenues. Implementation of concepts never available for women before is adding up to the excitement we feel. Indeed, few glitches are bound to make the journey rough but these are a significant part of learning experience.

In a historical move, the reins of suburban Matunga station have been given to all female staffers. D.K. Sharma, the general manager of Central Railway, has called it a step towards women empowerment. The all-women staff at the station comprises of 30 female workers.

There are 14 booking clerks, two Railway Police Force (RPF) personnel, two announcers, four points persons, seven ticket checkers, and a station master.

Mamta Kulkarni, the first ever female station master of Mumbai division in 1992, shared her experience of working with all-women staffers with NDTV.

It is a wholly new environment for working devoid of any male presence. A number of challenges are bound to come in the way. However, it is also an opportunity to learn the tasks traditionally performed only by men.

One of the ticket checkers said:

The presence of female RPF creates a safe environment for other women to work. However, the problems regarding safety issues remain. One RPF officers told The Indian Express:

Even though the problems are natural to any new project, fortunately, station master Mamta Kulkarni is devoted to making this concept a success as she keeps her team motivated. The project was put into force on June 5, 2017.

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