Mumbai To Delhi In 13 Hours: Mega Plan By Railways To Make This Happen

Mumbai To Delhi In 13 Hours: Mega Plan By Railways To Make This Happen

Soon you will reach Mumbai from Delhi and vice versa in just 13 hours. Railways has come up with a mega plan to make this a true overnighter, according to Indian Express report. Currently, the Rajdhani Express completes the 1,386-km journey between the two metro cities in 15.35 hours. The move comes even as the the Mumbai-Delhi route, which has been used largely business travellers, has witnessed a major shift towards airlines. The prompt implementation of 13 hours journey will help Railways get back a large portion of travellers, Ministry officials told IE.

At present, 24-coach Mumbai Rajdhani has a sanctioned speed of 130 kmph, its average speed is about 90 km/hour. The Linke Hofman Busch (LHB) coaches, which are being used for the Rajdhani Express,are designed to run at a maximum speed of over 150 kmph. These are capable of running at 200 km/hour, IE report says. During a previous trial, the 14-coach rake had taken a over 13 hours with two operational halts to complete the journey.

With an eye on infrastructure, the railways would raise Rs 35,000 crore with World Market assistance to create a separate fund for investment in rail sector, PTI reported on May 25. The railways had also sought cabinet nod for going ahead with the Rs 17,000 crore speed enhancement project in Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah sectors, the report says. Read more

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