NHAI Launches 2 Mobile Apps: Here’s How You Can Avoid Long Queues At Toll Booths

NHAI Launches 2 Mobile Apps: Here’s How You Can Avoid Long Queues At Toll Booths

Now, a solution is at hand for this problem. The National Highways Authority of India today launched two mobile apps named MyFASTag and FASTag Partner in New Delhi. The app will facilitate easy availability of FASTags for Electronic Toll Collection. NHAI Chairman Deepak Kumar who was present during the launch of the apps said that one of the major challenges faced by the ETC project is the tiresome job of purchasing and recharging of the FASTags. The mobile apps which have been launched today will ease the cumbersome process by making it possible for us to buy or recharge FASTags with just a single click.

FASTag is a consumer app through which a person can keep a track of his transactions besides being able to purchase or recharge. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and the option is available for both the Android and iOS users. FASTag Partner on the other hand is a merchant app through which agencies like Common Services Centre, banking partners and vehicle dealers can sell and enroll.

Deepak Kumar also announced that from 1st October 2017, all lanes of all 371 NHAI toll plazas in the country will become FASTag enabled. One lane in the toll plaza which will only be dedicated to FASTag payment collection and no other payment mode will be accepted on these lines. Other lanes which will also be FASTag enabled will accept other modes of payment. These lanes will become operational on all 371 NHAI toll plazas from 1st September 2017, he said. From August 18, FASTags can also be bought from Common Services Centre (CSC) points which are to be set up near the toll plazas. Read more

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